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added on: December 20, 2016

The Benefits of iTero Like a Magic Wand

At Brunnett Dentistry, we specialize in making you comfortable while providing the highest level of dental care possible. That’s just one of the reasons we rely on iTero.

Right now, you’re probably asking yourself, “What is iTero?” It sounds like it might be the newest high-tech gadget to hit the market. But it’s not a smartphone, mp3 player, or other consumer tech toy.

The iTero intraoral scanner is a handheld wand that produces a 3D image of your teeth that appears on our treatment room screen in real time. In the past, we would have to use a sloppy powder or impression material which we would send off to a lab to get an mold of your teeth. With iTero, that’s no longer the case. No bad taste in your mouth, no gagging, and no wait time. We like to think of iTero as our own magic wand.

iTero is most useful to us — and in turn, you — when doing the prep work for crowns, bridges, and especially Invisalign. As an Invisalign Preferred Provider, Dr. Brunnett finds the instant results and pinpoint accuracy of iTero to be invaluable.

As a patient, here’s what iTero means to you:

  • No gagging from the odd taste and texture of impression powder.
  • A more efficient procedure that takes less of your valuable time.
  • Less wait time between deciding on your treatment plan and finishing the procedure.
  • Aligners, bridges, and crowns that fit so well you don’t even notice them.
  • A pain-free, high-tech device that produces natural-looking results.

So if you’ve been thinking about a crown, bridge, or Invisalign, but were worried about the impression, the wait time, and the fit, you don’t need to worry any longer. With iTero, Dr. Brunnett and her team can do the prep work efficiently and accurately, giving your smile a new look in no time. Like magic.

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